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Best Diamatti Class Cold War

Best Diamatti class in Black Ops Cold War Picture. The Vandal Speed Reloader speeds up reload quickness by 40.

Best Diamatti Zombies Class Black Ops Cold War Youtube

Know Warzone 2021 COD Cold War best loadout how to unlock builds unlock level class attachments setup for Diamatti.

Best diamatti class cold war. Holding just one Diamatti puts players at a huge disadvantage against most guns in Black Ops Cold War. The best attachments for the Diamatti in Black Ops Cold War are the 72 Task Force Barrel the Vandal Speed Reloader and the SASR Jungle Grip. Diamatti Handgun - Best Loadouts Build Stats.

Paired with the Dual Wield stock the 5mW Laser Sight ensures that hip-fire accuracy is at its highest. However here is the best Diamatti class in Black Ops Cold War. The Diamatti is a reliable handgun ideal for close combat in Season 4 and the best Warzone Diamatti loadout will allow you to mow down enemies in close-quarters combat.

The close-range meta for Call of Duty. The Cold War variant is also very popular in Warzone too heres the best Cold War AK-47 loadout for Warzone. The 72 Task Force boosts damage effective damage range and bullet velocity.

Provided by Activision Of course this limits the Diamattis production at longer ranges but a pistol isnt meant for anything beyond 20 meters or so. However if you miss some shots youre more than likely dead before you can hit the fatal blow. Flak Jacket Tactical Mask Scavenger Assassin Ninja Cold Blooded.

With two of them though players become a nearly unstoppable force. The Diamattis base damage is 30 per shot and three shots per burst. Use these weapons when getting your 5 kills in 20 matches to unlock the AMP63 as they will have you taking down enemies in no time.

This means that a single gun can do up to 90 damage in a burst and dual-wielded you can expect up to. If you can manage to hit all of your bursts the pistols time-to-kill is fairly decent. This is an easy decision - Ghost is the best slot 2 perk.

The best alternatives to the AMP63 are some of Cold Wars other strong secondary pistols like the Diamatti or any of the best guns currently in Cold War. The AKIMBO DIAMATTIS are OVERPOWERED. Theres often another issue when invading buildings with a Diamatti in tow since the enemy will often be settled in with Proximity Mines and Claymores laid down - EOD will make you much more durable against this.

If you find recoil easy to negate then our AK-47 loadout really could make the Assault Rifle the best weapon for you to use. Treyarch The Diamattis strength comes from its ability to two-burst enemies. Warzone has a good deal of variety right now with the Diamatti Black Ops Cold War Pistol being an excellent choice for players when it comes to their secondary weapon.

The Diamatti with the Akimbo attachment makes it the best pistol in Black Ops Cold War. Check out Diamatti Handgun Charlie in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode. The Dual Wield stock is the main attachment that makes this loadout work.

Finally the SASR Jungle Grip shaves 25 off ADS times. LC10 Best SMG loadout in Cold War.

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